Sunday, August 20, 2017

Something New


I apologise to readers of this blog for the erratic way it has been delivered in recent weeks.  I have been hospitalised for the last month with a neurological condition known as Miller-Fisher Syndrome. This has immobilised the muscles controlling my eye movement.  I am therefore suffering from impaired sight.  As a result I can neither read nor write and am producing messages such as this one by dictation.  The neurologist tells me that this is essentially a 'benign' condition which will clear up in 4 or 5 months.  In the circumstances I am unable to produce this blog until further notice. The blog will remain live on line and available for you to browse using the index.  I do hope to resume producing this blog eventually but until further notice I will not be able to produce any new postings.  I hope to resume again in 5 months or so.



  1. Get well soon, and looking forward to the resumption

  2. Hello Nicholas, I was browsing around for book bloggers and came across your poignant post and wanted to wish you well. What a hard thing for a person to go through, let alone an avid reader. (Having spent several months this year dealing with hyperactive sciatic nerve, I'm newly aware of the disruption the nervous system can deal out i.e. newly empathic!) May your healing be sure and steady. All the books out there will be waiting patiently for you. If you want them. Best wishes,

  3. Dear Nicholas

    I add my hopes for your speedy recovery. Selfishly, because I miss your reviews but also from an awareness that books on tape just aren’t the same. Trust you’ll be turning pages again soon.